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Transpose Tool Problem/Example

7 - Meteor



Although I have been using Alteryx for a number of years now, I have always been pretty confused by the transpose tool. I have looked through tutorials, but I always find myself incredibly confused by the dataset in front of me and what issue the tool is fixing in the first place for that data. I made my own example and left the transpose tool not configured and if someone could look at the desired output and configure the tool, I think it would give me a really awesome example to reference whenever I need to use a transpose tool. I attached the workflow and it should be pretty self-explanatory. As far as the data goes, each pair corresponds to a number ("Technical_0_etc.." corresponds to BTC/USD, "Technical_1_etc.." corresponds to ETH/USD and so on) and is the "primary-key" of the dataset, while the 16 other ones contain the data itself. In the "current_format.yxdb" data, the data is displayed on a single row, while the "desired_format.yxdb" shows the way the table should actually look.


Thanks in advance for any help!



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7 - Meteor

Worked amazing, thank you!