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Transpose Tool Issue

8 - Asteroid

I have a workflow which runs though a string of transpose and cross tab tools. However, If I add new columns to the source data, it deselects my key field each time and I have to reconfigure it. It seems to work if I break it into two separate workflows but I'd like it to be in just one workflow.


Can anybody help?

5 - Atom

Hi @PeterAP,

I'm also encountering that "missing field" error whenever I update/introduce a new field in the workflow. I think it is a bug in the transpose and cross tab tool. What's weird is, if you ignore the error and do a test run without reconfiguring, the workflow will run successfully. Have you tried that already? I think Alteryx does not automatically recognize new fields in transpose/crosstab process. A "test run" always works for me to eliminate those error messages and making sure that this setting is always enabled:



9 - Comet

Hi @PeterAP someone else will probably be able to answer this better but it's the Dynamic Rename Tool that's causing the issue, if you turn on the AMP Engine it gives an error about the XML. For some reason data does flow through that tool so "Key" is missing until the workflow is ran, as the tools post it still see "Policy", by clicking the configuration or even on the workflow it resets the tool so it is back to providing "Policy" as the field header.


I don't have a fix but I guess we could try and engineer the workflow without the Dynamic Rename Tool? You could use a union and force the field header change that way.


That said, hold fire as someone might have a proper answer.


EDIT: This is another way of doing your rename using Find and Replace Tool (for your "Key" field) and Union (for your new headers), as you see no error on any of the tools 🙂