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Transpose - Dynamic columns

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I am new to Alteryx. I want to know how to handle Transpose with dynamic columns. Please refer following table for more details. 

In the following input data, my date field will be dynamic value in future. At this moment, it looks simple but date fields may increase drastically. It would be difficult to select all dates columns in the transpose tool in future. 

How should we handle and show the output? 


Attached Sample input and output file


ProductCategorySuggested Age Range7/1/20197/2/20197/3/20197/4/20197/5/2019
Graphing CalculatorsGeneral13+55655751
Office SuppliesGeneralAll ages62324233228
EncyclopediasEducationalAll ages72032
Building BlocksFun and Games13+43440
Books about DinosaursFun and GamesAll ages2355064
DVDSFun and Games13+56274
ClothingGeneralAll ages546373
Frisbee and Frisbee AccessoriesFun and Games7+5653645
LegumesGeneralAll ages232032
Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @pawan_bagdiya 


Pretty simple. Use the Transpose Tool with your Key Fields as those which will not be transposed.

The date fields will be checked along with the Dynamic or Unknown Fields as Data Fields.




WF attached.



7 - Meteor

Thanks for quick response. It worked