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Transforming Data

8 - Asteroid


I have a data set that I am trying to transform.

In the attached example file, the first three columns will always be the first three columns going forward and will not change. However, the preceding columns could change/more added/names updated/deleted etc as the source may see additional fields added going forward whenever we go through an update.


Ideally, I want all columns after the first three to be summarized into a new column labeled L and S and then added back to the first three accordingly as shown in the Results tab in the file. 


Any ideas?

17 - Castor

Hey @ZoeM,

Here is one way to do this:



The crosstab puts all the data into one column to filter on then the select just renames the columns.


This solution uses the transpose Tool which can be hard to understand to new users. I would recommend checking out the community Getting-Started-Learning-Path for some context on how they work:


Any questions or issues please ask

Ira Watt
Technical Consultant 

8 - Asteroid

Excellent! It was as simple as that 😋