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Transaction Data LOOP for a List of Keywords or Names


My data set consists of credit card transactions. I have been using the REGEX_Match formula to find all credit card transactions with particular key words in the transaction description field, see below. This was manageable, but  not very efficient.


REGEX_Match([Expense Description],".*(ADJ|ADJUST EARNINGS...).*")


I now need to create a listing of all credit card transactions with fields [first name] or [last name] matching any part of the [Merchant Name] field. This would require about 1,000 entries in the pattern portion of the REGEX_Match formula, which is not practical.


Please help me create a loop that would pull one name at a time from my separate employee list file and match it with any part of the [Merchant Name] field in my transaction file. The loop would repeat until it has performed the match for each of the names in my employee list file. Sorry in advance for not sharing the dataset, but the data is confidential.  

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

I published a macro that might be helpful.!app/Contains-In-List/5a5903fda18e9e2508e5ae0d


if you open the macro up,  you could copy the logic and use a new source for your matching terms. 





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I'm sorry for the delayed response, but I ended up using the Fuzzy Match tool due to differences in the format of my field names. Your macro was still helpful for another workflow I had. Thanks!


 So, what do you need to change in the setup to get this to work with real data?  how should your data be prepped?