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Trade Area tool - Dataset issue for calculating Drivetime

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Hello Peers,


Ref @ChristineB


I would like to know how can we upload a data set in Trade Area tool to calculate Drivetime Minutes? All I see is "No valid datasets found". My current version of designer is 2018.1.4.44311. Here's where all I have explored:


1. Distance Tool - Output Drivetime & Distance to Destination Control ---- No valid datasets found.

2. Trade Area Tool - Drivetime Minutes ---- No valid datasets found.

3. Options ---> User Settings ---> Dataset Defaults tab ---> Drivetime dropdown ---> None.


Also, I have noticed that Non Overlap Drivetime tool isn't available in this version anymore. Am I missing something? Please advise.



Alteryx Community Team
Alteryx Community Team

@timewaste, You will need to purchase the Alteryx Spatial Data Sets in order to use these features. Please reach out to your Sales Rep for more information.





8 - Asteroid

I do not have the dataset to do drivetime minutes at my company, so had to create my own challenge here. Hope that's alright. 


Instead of drivetime minutes, I used the 3 offices to create a polygon and calculated that polygon's centroid. Then I used the Trade Area tool to calculate a 3 mile radius from the centroid of that polygon, and calc'd the square miles of that radius - which happens to be close to the square miles in the given output file for drivetime minutes. 

All in all, good experience for me with spatial object tools I rarely use.