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Tour and Default Settings on Start Up


I just got a new computer and installed Alteryx on it and registered my key.  Now, everytime I load Alteryx, it resets the view back to the original default view and asks me to start the tour.  I have version 2018.2.6.51223.   Was curious what is causing this and how to make it stop asking for a tour and keep all my settings?



Alteryx Partner

In User Settings, there's a setting for "Show Learning Guide at startup". Does toggling this help with your issue, or is it something else?


Hi @RickMaly


Have you gone into "Options" then "User settings"? The first option, "Edit User Settings", lets you change your user settings. The second, which needs to be ticked, is "Save user settings on exit". 


Let me know if this helps.





@tcroberts This doesn't.  I already have this unchecked.


@cpituley yes, these settings are already set as well.


I am having this same issue. Settings were changed per the suggestions. Would like to be able to turn this feature off.


I am having the same problem since upgrading from 11.8 to 2018.3. it would be really nice to get this bug fixed. I can't even get the tour box to go away half the time making the tool useless.


Here is the fix if anyone is having this issue:


1. Deactivate License in Alteryx
2. Navigate to C:\ProgramData\SRC\FlexeraLicenseManager
Delete the FlexeraLicenseManager folder
3. Navigate to C:\Users\[UserName]\AppData\Roaming\SRC\FlexeraLicenseManager

(replace [UserName] with your username)
Delete the FlexeraLicenseManager folder
4. Back in Alteryx, close designer activation window
5. Within the Manage Licenses window, click on the cog in the top-right corner
6. Select "View Partner Data License Manager"
7. You may See a Warning window, just click "OK"
8. Click "Edit" beside Machine Serial Number
9. Enter your email address (this should be your business email that is associated with the license)
10. Back in Manage Licenses window:
11. Activate New License => Activate with file => Create a request file to request activation
12. Enter First, Last, Email and the license key
13. Click Create Request (This will save the .req file to download folder)
14. Sign in to in your web browser
15. In the right gray box on the screen it will say Upload Activation Request (please click)
16. Next select choose file (go to the download folder and find the file ending in .req)
17. Click send
18. There will then be a .bin file that you will have in your download folder
19. Return to the Alteryx screen and Click the back button and then click where it says Use an activation file to activate offline
20. Choose the .bin file in your download folder


I'm supposed to do all this because of a problem Alteryx itself introduced?


I agree with @Fred on this.

There has to be a more simple solution(?)