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Tools are automatically moved waaaay out to the outer edge of the flow canvas when opening


Has anyone experienced this bug?


I have a pretty small workflow, with an input from SQL, a text input, some filters, some formula tools and some email tools. Whenever I save the workflow, and then reopen it, some tools are just moved waaaaay out to nowhere. We're talking so far that if I were to zoom all the way out and scroll with the mouse wheel it would take me something like half an hour to get there! The flow is saved on an Alteryx server.

Alteryx Certified Partner

Hey @PeterPetersen


Seen this a few times but the only way I know of correcting it is to look through the xml and find the tools that have crazy co-ordinates and then adjust the values.


Also try copying all of the tools on to a new canvas...and see if that helps


Hi @LordNeilLord,


Can you see the xml of a flow that is on the server?


I tried to grab the tool and press the home button on my keyboard. This allowed me to move it to the top of the canvas in one press. But some of the tools are all the way to the right. I don't know the shortkey for coming from all the way to the right and back to the left.

Alteryx Certified Partner

You can see the xml of any flow by opening the yxmd in a notepad


You could also try using align horizontal and vertical to bring them back into place


If I were to open it in Notepad I would have to save it locally instead of on the server, right?