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Tool Mastery | Multi-Field Formula

How would you define amount fields such as following?...  this is a sign amount field with decimals.


d-curr-amt-due              pic s9(9)v99   

d-del-amt-due               pic s9(9)v99   

d-pen-amt                      pic s9(5)v99    

d-calc-dep                      pic s9(5)v99      

d-total-due                    pic s9(9)v99     




COBOL!  it's been a long time since I've seen that.


pic s9(9)v99  s=leading sign, 9(9) = 9 decimal digits, v = decimal point, 99 = 2 digits after the decimal


On input, just use either double(if your numbers are small enough not to loose fractional information) or fixed decimal 13.2. (9 for the int portion, 2 for decimal portion, 1 for the decimal point and 1 for the sign)  


For output you can use something like PadLeft(tostring([Field1]),13,"0")






Thanks Dan.. I will give it a try.