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Not really an idea per se, but I don't see a 'tell us about a bug' forum. 


Anyway, if you have a dynamic input and your action is to modify your sql query, and then you chose 'SQL Update Where Clause' it works fine the first time you run it.  But then, if you go and tweak your data source query, you have to recreate your SQL Update Where clause component from scratch, even if you didn't tweak the portion of the sql that has anything to do with what you are replacing.  It isn't difficult, in fact, Alteryx tends to remember exactly what to you had, so it isn't in the ether, just the connections got severed somehow.  


Should be an easy fix. 




Hi @brian_scott,


I've moved this over to the designer discussions section.


Thank you for your contribution to the Community!


This particular issue requires further investigation by our Customer Support staff. I've escalated your post to the appropriate team and you can expect to be contacted via email or Private Message shortly. In order for our Support staff to assist, please do your best to have the following information readily available:


  • Alteryx Version
  • Workflow with sample data (if applicable)
  • Screenshots

Thank you in advance for your patience. Have a great day,

Jess Silveri
Premium Support Advisor | Alteryx