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Tool Icons are now 3D (How to change?)

Just look at the image you'll see what's wrong... How do I change it?


Too short? Well...

I installed x64 2019.1 on a laptop 2 months ago and icons where 2D, normal, pretty, etc.

Now I installed on another laptop using the same installer but icons went 1990's on me.

(Sorry I know someone(s) dedicated time/effort on these, but I do not like them)




tags: icons, design, tools, version, 3d, ugly,

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Looks like you've accidentally stumbled on the old tool Easter egg; these icons are from early Alteryx.

By closing alteryx designer and opening again you should get the current tool icons back!


Ah of course! The old and trustworthy close and open trick!

Thanks!! Everything is happy now.