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Tool Connections switching nodes on me?

7 - Meteor

Let me preamble this by saying, I am not crazy


But what is happening is that my connections between tools (tools being custom macros) are switching where they originate from




From the above photo the purple macro originally had the highlighted connection originating from the "S" node of the blue "Pops+Dupes" macro but it switched to the "A" node.


It happens sometimes (not everytime) when i go in to the workflow open the container these tools are within and i believe the autoconfigure does its thing and somehow that switches the connection. 


I am thinking it may be the blue "Pops and Dupes" macro that is the problem because another macro will have the exact same connection switch as well.


However this has a mind of its own sometimes the connection will switch sometimes it won't, sometimes it will be the purple macro shown sometimes it will be a different macro. The only thing i can see that may be causing this to happen is enabling/disabling the container they are within...


it's wild

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

@Kmaclean  I believe @BenMoss and @Thableaus have come across this issue and may be able to provide insight. 

17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Yep @patrick_digan that's right. And I believe this is a bug.

@CharlieS said that this has been present since version 2018.3.


It's annoying but I wasn't able to find something that could fix this problem.



17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Agreed. This is a bug. I've had several cases where macros with multiple inputs will switch their connections whenever the workflow is saved. Now that I've seen this a few times, I know that it's systematic and not something I was doing. 


This was my most recent scenario:

- A workflow has a macro inserted which has multiple inputs.

- One of those macro inputs was connected to the joined output anchor from a Join tool.

- When I save the workflow/it refreshed, the same macro input would be connected to the left outer anchor from the same Join tool.


7 - Meteor

Curious if y'all have any particular workaround for this? 


From what I can tell, adding a select tool after my macro has stopped the bug so far;