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Tokenize / Parse Cells Beginning with Numbers

7 - Meteor

I'm new to RegEx and am having trouble with the syntax.


I have a set of data which begins with 4 numbers.  Below is an example...


2017 Culture/Engagement Conference


I need to parse this information into two columns.


Column 1: 2017

Column 2: Culture/Engagement Conference


Although I'm aware there may be other ways to accomplish this, I want to build up a knowledge base for using RegEx and wish to use this tool for this purpose.


The format of the data after the 4 digit year is inconsequential and will vary. 


Using a expression of \d{4} does yield a new column with the year, but the second column is just blank.   Any variance of this creates a new column which doesn't parse the data.  How must I setup the expression so that the data is output the way I need it?


Here is an example of my current setup.







15 - Aurora
15 - Aurora

Hi @G_WOLAK I mocked up a workflow let me know what you think?



7 - Meteor

Thank you @JosephSerpis. Worked perfectly.


Whats is funny is I watched the academy videos on this topic, but couldn't recall exactly which one it was.