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To many fields defined


Hi There,


I keep receiving this below error in my workflow. The file currently has 247 columns and I am adding another 125 although have only attempted 20 so far and receiving the below warning. Is there a limit to the number of columns in Alteryx?


Error: Output Data (3): Error creating table "Sheet1": Microsoft JET Database Engine: Too many fields defined.\3190 = -68092944




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
This looks like a problem with the file type you are trying to write, which judging by the error is an .xls file.

Try outputting as a .xlsx if possible, there used to be a much smaller restriction on older excel files than on existing ones.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
A quick google seems to confirm this, .xls files only support 256 columns

Thanks, that would make sense as I have more columns. I am still getting the same error when I change to .xlsx


Ignore that my bad it does work!  Thank you very much!


I'm experiencing this same problem and I can't work out why.


I am using a module with an xls input. When I run it on mine it works fine. When I run it on my colleagues machine she gets the error.


Any idea what it is that causes it to work on one machine and not the other?