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To many fields defined error



I'm getting the below error on my output to an .xls file. I understand from other threads that there is a limit on the number of columns that can be output to xls of 256 however my output only contains 25 columns.


Error: Output Data (146): Error creating table "Sheet1": Microsoft JET Database Engine: Too many fields defined.\3190 = -68092944

Unfortunately I can't solve this by changing the output to .xlsx as I require the output file to be imported into a database that only accepts the .xls format.


My workflow was outputting perfectly fine previously and has only recently started to do this, any help on how to fix this would be appreciated, thanks.


Hi @Jsanders017 


Export your data to .xlsx just as a test.  Does this work and give you 25 Columns?  If it does, there's likely a problem with your Jet engine.  Maybe a new Windows patch corrupted it.  If it doesn't work, look at your output data.



Thanks Danilang


I'm not sure what the issue was, but I changed it to xlsx as you suggested and it run completely fine and the output was all ok.


I then changed it back to output as an xls file again and its started working again as before.