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Timeout Publish to Tableau

7 - Meteor

I am receiving a Error Transferring data:  Timeout was reached.  The output connection was not valid.


I'm getting this on workflows that have been scheduled and running without issues in the past and they just started timing out.


I put in a Block until Done which did not help.


I read where someone recommended to not get the auth token until all the data is processed and ready for publishing.  The issue I have is these only run about 10-13 minutes and then they time out not two hours which would cause the auth token issue.


Does anyone have any recommendations?


Looks like this has come up before... see posting here for a solution.
Does the solution posted by rdoptis 'Fireball' make sense?  If so, was it helpful?

7 - Meteor

I looked at that before I put in a Case.  It states the time out occurs after two hours.  Mine is timing out after 10-13 minutes. 

8 - Asteroid

Did you ever get this resolved?

8 - Asteroid

I would try breaking it into chunks via an iterative macro. For example, publish 100,000 records in the first iteration, another 100,000 in the second iteration, and continue until no records remain.