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Time into hours where days are counted


Morning all,


I've got a dataset that has decided that anything over 24 hours should count as a day, so it's appearing like the following;


1900-01-04 16:07:12 


normally on Excel you can get around this with the old [h]:mm:ss and then maths based on that, but I need to make that original format (Date-Time) become a total of seconds for the record. 


I've tried the formula "DateTimeDiff('1900-01-01 ' + [Date-Time Example],'1900-01-01',"seconds")" - but I just get a null value.


Any help would be appreciated muchly.



Alteryx Certified Partner

Morning @Brawlstrogg,


I'm not sure I entirely understand what you're after....but here's how I interpreted it:


DateTimeDiff.PNGIf that's not what you needed....attach an example in excel and we'll figure it out :)


Hey @LordNeilLord - I've figured it out in a different format (Text to columns and *'ing everything into oblivion)


Thanks for your help, both ways work mind!


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