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Time Series tool alternate to ARIMA using Holts Winter

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Has anyone used Holts Winter forecasting model in Alteryx? I am working with someone that would prefer to use to the Holts Winter method. Can anyone offer any suggestions on how to make this happen?


Thank you

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Hi Pvara, 


In essence, Holts Winter is a triple exponential smoothing method (Level, Trend & Seasonal). In Alteryx ETS tool, we are leverage forecast ets package ( page 39. Whenever you manully click the Additive / Mltiplicative option under Seasonal Type, it's a Holts Winter methods.


For example, if you try to build a muliplicative Holt-Winters with muliplicative error, you simply need to check the box accordingly (Muliplicative, Additive & Muliplicative) under the Model Type option in ETS. Hope this clarifies.


I'm going to build more new forecast macros like this post:


Keep you updated.