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Time Series TS Model Factory errors

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Hi all, 


I am using ARIMA TS Model Factory and I have got this error  "TS Model Factory (51): Tool #64: Error: object 'past_coeff_vec' not found"

Also in the same data I am using ETS TS Model Factory and I am getting the following  "TS Model Factory (55): Tool #64: Error in ncol(previous.output.table)" 


Any ideas what this error is?




Hi @GiorgosK,


Can you provide your workflow so we can get a sense for the data and setup?


I haven't seen this particular error before, but in general, it's a good idea to take a look at the data to check for any null values or irregularities.  If you are able to provide a sample of the data and workflow we can get a better idea of the issue.



Jess Silveri
Manager, Technical Account Management | Alteryx
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Hello I'm having the exact same issue would you be able to provide an answer?


I'm using ARIMA and ETS on a quartely interval.


I've added my data to help.


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Uploaded the wrong data.


Reuploading to correct

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If you are trying to forecast the data quarterly, you have to make sure your IDs have consistent periodic measurements.  I.e.  ID 34 has 2 data points for Q-1 2019 and ID 37 doesn't seem to have Q1 2018.

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Were you able to resolve the above two errors you mentioned? I'm facing the same problem and would be really helpful if someone could help resolve this.


Thank you

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Hi @JessicaS 

Were you able to resolve this issue. I'm getting the same errors when i use the TS Factory macros

Attached the files for your reference


Please advise


Thank you

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I solved it by making sure I had at least 6 observations per grouping method, and ensuring my data was sorted by date before it went into the models. Hope it works for you too