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Time Series Analysis x-axes

6 - Meteoroid

Hello !

I'm trying to plot a time-series of daily bitcoin prices, but Alteryx can't understand the date format? 


The x-axis is blank in the plot and the program thinks the first data point is in January, when it is in fact in the 28th of April.

Any help that you guys could provide, would be greatly appreciated!


17 - Castor
17 - Castor

Hi @altsorz


Unfortunately, the time series plot is rather limited in terms of output formatting.   As you can see form the help page, the start date is defaulted and can't be changed for daily plots


However if all you're looking for is a plot of Price/Time, you should look at the Interactive chart tool that can be configured seven ways to Sunday!



I also added a date time parse to your WF to get the date into an alteryx friendly format.