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Tile tool bug?

8 - Asteroid

Hi. I am using version 2019.2.7 and ran into some troubles with the tile tool.


I choose "Equal records". The default number of tiles is 5. But no matter how I change this number, the resulting tiles is always 5. I tried this in the example too and the result is the same. Version 2019.1 however seems to run just fine.


I wonder if there's a bug in 2019.2.7?




11 - Bolide

Hi @ansonwun,


I'm seeing the same behaviour on my install of 2019.2.7, seems to be the same if "Equal Sum" is chosen too.


I would suggest opening a ticket with support.



8 - Asteroid

Thanks for the advice. I just realized the issue has been reported last month too:


Will wait for a fix then. Thanks again.