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Tile Tool - No values found before GetMean()

6 - Meteoroid

Good day,


I was actually trying to use the tile tool and we encountered this type of error. Please help on what to do:


Quartile Test


We were trying to determine the true price of one product and thought of using the tile tool. 

I tried removing the Grouping Fields "Product" and it did work. But the thing is that we needed them grouped so that it wouldn't use all of the prices across all products and so that it will only calculate for a certain product to get their true price. 


Please advise.



11 - Bolide

I ran into this problem before. Check your data for null values and replace with 0.

6 - Meteoroid

HI Simon


Thanks for giving me the idea about the null values and zeros. What I actually did is removed the zeros from my data. For some reason, the tile tool doesn't accept zero numeric values. I filtered them out from the data and everything worked. Maybe because the zeros will have an effect in the averaging of numbers while using the Smart Tile setting.


Thanks again!