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This workflow references macros ... that are missing or inaccessible.


Hi, when trying to open workflows sent by my colleagues, i encounter the following error:


"This workflow references macros ... that are missing or inaccessible. Saving this workflow will permanently disable these tools."


All workflows and macros are held on a server drive, the file location for all of our macros have stayed the same, and we do not plan on changing it. The error only occurs when a colleague attempts to open up another colleagues workflow.


I have tried a few different suggestions such as making the workflow dependencies all relative, and also adding the folder where our team keeps all of our macros to the macro directory via User Settings -> Macros. I have found that neither of these proposed solutions work.  


Can anyone advise alternative solutions that will allow alteryx to correctly find macros, without me manually having to insert the macros? 




Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager



The reason why you are getting this error is that when a yxmd is sent to another user, it will only include tools that are in your pallet. If a user has created a macro that you do not have on your machine you will get this message. What the user must do is either send you the macro (.yxmc) or send the workflow as a package. To export as a package the user will go to Option>Export Workflow and make sure that the macro is selected within the package. They can then send and you will open the package in Alteryx and the macro should appear.




Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @mkav9893,


All relative will not work in this instance as that means that all the workflow will have to be the same 'distance' away folder structure wise on your machine than on your colleagues machine.


I think the likely scenario here is that you have all mapped the server drive to a different drive on your local machine. 


I would recommend you try 'unc path' as this removes the dependency on the local computer drive name.






The macros are saved in a server drive that all of our co-workers have access to, and we have all used these macros previously on our machines. I have attempted packaging/exporting the workflow and it still doesnt work as the packaging fails because it cannot find the macro




Were you ever able to find a solution to this issue? I am having a similar problem where the macros are inaccessible from a colleague's machine.


Hello, my team is having a similar issue. Part of the team can run the workflows with no issues, the other part is having the error message. Oddly enough, everything was running fine last week and everyone could use all the macros.


As a follow-up to my issue, the macros in question were recently updated (minor tweaks and changes) to a newer version of Alteryx than what half the team was using. Important to note that even minor changes can cause big complications.


My team has upgraded to the same versions of Alteryx and everything works fine now.