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This cell has >256 charcaters


So I've tried many different things from the alteryx forums to fix this. But I have a column that's the description for a youtube video. But it keeps telling me this cell has >256 characters. I tried using different data types, I'm using the text input so I can't change the length in that. I have a summary tool, and thinking that might be causing it. Capture.PNG

Alteryx Partner

Why are you using text input ?  Surely you're copying this data from somewhere, can't that be used as input and then you can change the field ?


Well I'm running some API calls so that's why I'm using text input. I also figured it out, thank you for the reply!

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
The 'this cell has greater than 256 characters' is important but actually it's not affecting your data, it's more of a warning, if you use a browse tool you would be able to see the whole string.

If a string is being cut off then you wou l d get a warning which says truncate in.

Also, with text inputs, just use a select tool immediately after.


I recently encountered this issue and was concerned that I was losing data, then came across this post.  I still received the '256 characters' message when viewing the data in a browse tool but could see in the cell viewer that it was not being truncated as well as the output including all of the data.


Alteryx 256 characters.png


What was the solution?

Community Operations Manager
Community Operations Manager



You should be able to increase the size in the Input tool from 256 to whatever number you want. Then use the Auto Field tool to see all of the data.