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The process cannot access the file because it is being used by another process. (32) error


I'm sorry to start a new thread, but I have a mix of two problems from two other completed threads (links below).

I was able to use the Download tool to use the hyperlinks in an Excel spreadsheet to download one document per URL which the tool placed in a folder for me Beautiful.


But now I can't seem to get it to work using a new spreadsheet, new URLs and placing into a new folder.  I get the error message in the subject line. And after that (in the workflow messages), I will get ONE output.  So, it works, but only once.  What is stopping it?  Or what's causing it?


None of the solutions have helped me so far, so looking for other ideas.  Thanks in advance!!!
downloading from a webpage
error message


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There must be a setting somewhere that's interfering with it.


Which tool is causing the error ?


Can you attach a screenshot of the tool configuration ?



I have a similar problem using the download tool.

Error Download.JPG


For some reason the system does not run much futher than 20-30 files. I should receive 1000+.

I have tried adding a throttle tool in the workflow to pace the amount of upload/download -> no difference.

I have tried adding a block until done tool -> no difference.

Download workflow.JPG

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner
Can you try wrapping this into a batch macro to control the download and limit to a set of downloads at a time ?
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Chaos reigns within. Repent, reflect and reboot. Order shall return.

Hi @MarqueeCrew 


I'm not familiar with macros yet. Could you suggest a way to batch my records?

I managed to group them using the tile tool, but cannot get further to repeat the task.

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

A quick strategy is:


Assign a RECORD ID to each record (you'll start with batches of 1).


You'll need to either open a batch macro or look for one that is part of a lesson or a weekly challenge.  Likely, someone will post here, but I'm heading out now.  Have a filter that checks for recordid = 1.  You'll configure the batch macro to have the control update the filter and switch 1 to the next incoming record id.


Essentially, this will create a synchronous download of 1 file at a time.






@cmcclellan ,  can you please help here?

Alteryx ACE & Top Community Contributor

Chaos reigns within. Repent, reflect and reboot. Order shall return.

Thank you!  I am not sure why it worked for me with 1600 records without needing a macro but now trying 45 records, I do, but I'll take it.  I made a bad batch macro (worked, but not exactly the output I wanted), so I will retweak and get it right shortly.  There was also this thread about a one-at-a-time iteration.


Brilliant, it took a bit of tweaking and 20 minutes processing but it worked.

Thank you.

The link provided by @summarizer did it!