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The correct way to install Alteryx 2018.4 with predictive and Tableau Starter Kit


I'm having challenges when I try to install the 2018.4 version with the predictive and Tableau starter kit.

The issue is the predictive tools do not show all of them.

What is the correct step in installing the new version with the predictive tools set.


I generally download the separate components from the licensing portal: Designer and then Predictive tools installer.  Run Designer Installer first, then run the predictive tools installer.  Then you can run the installs for any of the kits like Tableau Starter Kit


Your suggestion worked. The challenge with me installing the newest version was my IT team was trying to do it remotely using a different account and trying to pass this on to me. Ultimately IT had to do the install on my PC using their admin rights and it worked fine.

Thanks for all the help.