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The check at the Text box interface tool not happening right away when done at Gallery end



I have a check in my WF which will take the Text input from Text box interface tool and compares that against the database table and throws and error if there is match saying "Name already exists please choose a different name" and stops the WF. This check is being caught right away when I execute it locally, but if I execute the same WF from the gallery it is taking at least 4 mins to throw that error. My WF is has couple of queries which takes couple of mins to execute but since the check should go first it should not even kick running the queries, not sure how the WF being executed behind the scene. Can some one help me in this..


Note: When I execute the WF locally, the check is being caught right away the moment I hit run.




Hi @aparanjith1,


Can you please PM so we can set up a Webex call to review the issue you're facing? Please provide your availability and time zone in the PM.

John Posada
Cloud Engineer