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The allocator would appear to be deadlocked

7 - Meteor

I have been searching on the forum but I haven't encountered anyone else with this problem.


I am running a batch macro with Alteryx v 2020.2 and the AMP engine and I am getting this warning:


The allocator would appear to be deadlocked

It seems that the workflow is not advancing anymore after this message.


Does anyone know what this means?

9 - Comet

Still a problem... Quite frustrating after running a workflow for eight hours.

8 - Asteroid

I experienced the same issue today.  I left my laptop on overnight and got logged off the VPN connection while the workflow was running. I restarted it this morning after I reconnected to the VPN and it keeps erroring out like this.  (Designer version 2020.2)



8 - Asteroid

Hi all,


today I had the same issue. It tourned out that my hard drive and working memory where both filled up by either files or other processes. After clearing both up it worked fine with AMP Engine