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The Network Analysis tool - Practical Real World Use Cases

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I would like to hear from the Community about real world use cases where the Network Analysis tool was a critical component.  


Please share any and all instances where the tool solved a problem or created added value.


Hi @derekbelyea - I worked on a fraud detection use case. The report from the tool helped to discover frauds with gift cards and let to actual arrests. 

The workflow that was built by the customer was almost identical to the one that could be found in the Banking and Financial Services Starter Kit: 


Obviously, the Network Analysis tool isn’t something that you’ll use in every workflow. But when you need it, you need it. Whether you need to produce a neat-looking network graph or calculate measures of centrality (have fun calculating Eigenvector Centrality on your own), the tool is invaluable. The real power of network analysis is how it enables analysts to abstract and visualise data on its own.