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The L after join tool combined data from two columns?

5 - Atom

Need some help with this workflow. I am using the join tool to separate pieces of my population based on criteria in one column. After I use the join tool, the 'J' part is fine; however, the 'L' output combined data from two columns that are next to each other (but the header is still there), so now the rest of my data after that column is messed up. How can I fix this? I attached a screenshot of the column in question. In the 'J', it's just a normal v-string of a customer name, but in the 'L' output, it has a column delimiter out of nowhere? 


I also confirmed my data types and all of that is what it should be. Thanks so much!!

16 - Nebula
16 - Nebula

Hi @ctreible1 ,


Is it possible for you to share your workflow with some sample data with that problem happening?

You can eliminate everything else and only leave the part where the problem is appearing.



Fernando Vizcaino


Is it possible that these fields are coming in that way from the input data tool? This doesn’t sound like behavior that would be expected from the Join tool.