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Text to columns problem


I am a new user and am having problems with the "Text to Columns" function. I am trying to separate a date into 3 columns so I can isolate the year. In Excel the dates look like this: 1/31/2018. However, when I view my work in the Browse function, the dates look like this: 2018-01-31. I have tried using the / delimiter and the - delimiter, but neither works. Each time I get 4 new columns: the first is a replica of my original "Date Placed in Service" column followed by 3 completely empty columns. I have placed the Text to columns in several locations of my workflow including immediately following the Input Data. The results are always the same. What am I doing wrong. 



Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Hi @LStevenson 


Why don't you use DateTimeYear function instead? Just add a simple formula Tool and this function will do the job.



Alteryx Certified Partner

From your description of "1/31/2018 in Excel is 2018-01-31 in Browse" it sounds like it's being read as a Date field and Alteryx is displaying that date in it's native format (ISO 8601). if this is the case and the field is already a "Date"/"DateTime" field type, you can use the DateTimeFormat( function in a formula tool to return just the part of the date you're interest in. 


To return a string value of "2018":



To return a numeric value of 2018:



This documentation page contains info on how to parse date time fields in Alteryx:


Hi @LStevenson - looks like Alteryx automatically converted the excel date format to its own which is yyyy-mm-dd. So you can use the select tool and convert the date into a string type and your text to columns tool will work. Alternatively, you can use the Formula tool and the DateTimeYear expression to isolate the year. Hope that helps!