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Text to columns for multiple fields

Alteryx Partner

Hi All,


I've few date columns (say 6-7), I would like to do text to columns so that I can extract dd and mm and yyyy into 3 new columns.

If we have a single data field, I would use Text-to-column tool and get it, but how do we do the same when we have more date fields.


  • I would not like to use 6-7 text-to-columns to complete my job.
  • I do not want to use substring since my date fields will not be in same format. (like dd-mm-yyyy, dd-m-yyyy, d-mm-yyyy)


Attached is the sample data for reference.


Appreciate for the response.


I would use the Multi Field Formula with [_Currentflied_].


The first thing is to convert all your dates to a date type, then you can extract day, month and year for each field.


See attached workflow.


datetime currentfield.png

I would do the following:



- Use a MultiField formula to sort the inputs out so all in Alteryx Date Format:


Will work for the list of formats you supplied (first pad with 0 then flip Year and Day if needed, finally convert type in the MultiField tool)

- Add a record ID

- Transpose so each field is a row

- Use a Regex to split the fields to D, M, Y

- Transpose again so D, M, Y are rows too

- Make a new column name combining the original field and D,M,Y field names

- Crosstab to build output