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Text to column and then delete all between two characters


Hi All , 


I have the following text field 

E.G : $0-$100 (1)|$101-$250 (17)|$251-$500 (17)|Men's (35)|Yellow Gold (35)|20.00 Inch (35)


I am trying to achieve the following 

  • Parse everything after |
  • Delete everything that starts with '(' and ends with ')'


I tried the following :

  1. Text to column - delimiter is | - WORKS 
  2. Multi Field Formula and apply Regex  (.*)\(.* - DOES NOT WORK 
  3. RegEx Tool with expression (.*)\(.* - WORKS ONLY ON THE LAST - Eg Only removed (35) from above example


Can someone point me in the right direction. 



Try this for your RegEx:


In the attached it looks like it's working as needed.  I put the RegEx before the Text to Columns just so I could do it on a single column instead of using the Multi-Field.