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Text to Columns or Regex - Tokenize?


Im trying to import a .CSV from a website and I am able to use text to columns to get my first row of data sorted but the remaining data in 'Field 7' I need to start a new row of 6 Fields......there should be around 5500 rows altogether,?  Im sure there is any easier way with the Regex tool and Tokenize, but I am having trouble getting a result.


Any help is much appreciated


Another option since you are downloading a .csv file, is to download to a temp file, and then use Dynamic Input to read that file.


(When you open the attached file, ignore the red exclamation mark before running, it just means it cannot file the temp file I used to set the format, CSV comma separated with no header row)


download temp.png

Excellent - Thanks for the quick reply!


If you use the Text to Columns tool to split your data into Rows based on the newline delimiter (\n) first, and then use another Text to Columns tool to split your data (that is now broken out into individual rows) in the DownloadData field into the required number of columns, I believe that will also give you the results you're looking for.


But I do like @Joe_Mako solution too for being so dynamic :)