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Text Trapping


In the past I used Datawatch Monarch to scrape text files looking for wildcards and text patterns (text and number traps)

I've been trying to search to see if there was any solution to finding character/number/special patterns to create fields in a text import. 


In this case we are trying to scrape some raw invoices which may have hundreds of customers over multitudes of pages. The reports were written in mainframe and unfortunately had no delimiters (fixed or otherwise). I know from past experience i can use the other program but that means convincing someone to let me buy another expensive program ^_^;;;


If anyone has a solution for this issue i'd greatly appreciate some direction. 


Hi, if I understand your question, you are wanting to extract invoice values across multiple pages? One method of doing this, is to use pattern matching with regex, so you can put something like "(\£\d+\.\d\d)" which will find all monetary amounts in the records.


I'd suggest reading through the tool mastery article which covers what you can do with regex and using a online tool like to check you've got the right syntax.




Hi @mompermj 


Can you provide some sample inputs that have been sanitized to remove company identifiers?