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Text To Column Help

I have a list of SKUs that come from our oracle business intelligence program as text OR scientific form (example, 1.01E07). I need the scientific form to come through as text (1010000000) so the workflow will calculate properly.  I tried text to column splitting up the data by the "E" but that splits up any SKU with the "E" character in it.  I need those to remain the same.  


How can I accomplish this?   




First of all - thanks for posting!


I used a formula/filter to split the data wherever scientific notation was used and then treated each part of the split separately (using the POW() function in a formula to fully express the scientific notation). 


I recombined these with a Union tool and you now have a full representation for your Item field which you can continue to use to build out your workflow logic.




Nick Jewell | Alteryx Product Strategy
Alteryx Partner

 I just looked at your file. Same suggestion as NickJ. Filter on field 3 for "contains E+" (or something like that), then process those records to convert out of sci notation, and union with the False out of filter.

Thanks Nick!  Much appreciated.

Thank you for taking a look GC.