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Text To Column Help


I have a list of SKUs that come from our oracle business intelligence program as text OR scientific form (example, 1.01E07). I need the scientific form to come through as text (1010000000) so the workflow will calculate properly.  I tried text to column splitting up the data by the "E" but that splits up any SKU with the "E" character in it.  I need those to remain the same.  


How can I accomplish this?   

The attached workflow will use Regex to match Item string in Scientific format. It looks for a number followed by an E then an optional +/- and then final a number.


If it matches ti convert this to a value then to a string and replace the Item value.


This will convert back from the scientific notation but I would see if you can fix the source file to not have these in the first place if possible.


Hope it helps



Thank you so much!


We will try to get they system output to change however, the bureaucracy may take a while for that.  This will help in the mean time. 



EDIT - This will not handle the e+15 or larger numbers.  I did not notice when I posted that it was an issue and was already solved anyway.