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Test tool not blocking all outputs

I have a project with a test tool connected to data streams that go to 3 separate output tools.  If the test fails, output is only blocked to one of the three output tools.  The output is blocked on the same tool each run.  Any suggestions how to fix this?  Using Block until finished tools before the outputs doesn't affect the failure result (2 of the 3 outputs still write data).  I've also run the module with the "Cancel running module on error" flag under the runtime properties for the module both checked and unchecked.

This was harder than it seems like it should be, so I don't know if we are both missing something.  The solution I got to work looked like this:

rtaImage (5).png
Key points are:

  1. "Cancel running module on error" is checked.
  2. The Test tool has a lower tool id than the formula tool so records are psuhed to the test tool first.
  3. The formula tool creates a field called blank which is an empty string then the output tools are set up like this:

rtaImage (6).png

This delays the creation of the output file until data makes it to the tool (which never happens if the test tool fails).

Adam Riley
Principal Software Engineer
Tech Lead Core Engines, Alteryx
Here's the basic problem structure that I'm dealing with:

Note that in the output the test failed but in this case data was written to both outputs.  The tool ID's are:
2 field input: 1
1 field input: 2
join: 6
test: 9
out 1: 10
out 2: 11
formula: 12

All outputs in the actual project append to database tables rather than .csv
I've tried a number of variations on the proposed solution and none of them work for my particular case.
Your scenerio is one that the test tool doesn't support.  It could be done in a somewhat complicated macro.  I will consider that for my next blog post.
Is there any documentation for the Test tool that's more complete and covers exactly how it works in more detail than the online help?  Also when it doesn't work.  This is surprising to me that I'm unable to compare two counts and have the process fail when the tool is clearly designed to support it and there's nothing I've seen in the documentation that indicates this feature is still in development.
Alteryx Alumni (Retired)
Hi Everyone,

In this case, it looks like the message tool could be a good solution.

I tried the Message tool and it worked like a charm. Thank you!

Hey @jgreene


Did this get you to an answer that solved your problem? If yes, would you mind marking this one as solved (to include this in the knowledge base) - or if there are still open questions, feel free to reply, and we can work together to find an answer that gets you where you need to be.


Thanks @jgreene, have a good weekend