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Teradata Bulk Loader Error: MTDP: EM_GSSINITFAIL(235): call to gss_init failed.


I get the below error when I try to use Teradata bulk Loader in input tool.The ODBC option works fine.


Error: Input Data (1): Initiate: MTDP: EM_GSSINITFAIL(235): call to gss_init failed. [terasso]Cannot load TDGSS library. The TDGSS Library currently has initialization in progress already Type: 2


Alteryx Designer version :11.7.4

Teradata client 15.10

ODBC works because it doesn't use the full set of libraries needed to use the TPT API.

1. Uninstall Teradata Tools and Utilities

2. Reboot your machine

3. Reinstall Teradata Tools and Utilities, making sure to install every option available (you might not need them all based on your specific use case, but they don't take up a lot of space).

4. Reboot your machine and try again.