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Template Modification

7 - Meteor

Hi team,


I have attached three documents. Setup20 and Setup22 are names of the input files. I want these two inputs to be transformed to data as in output file.


1. To give you all some background, Input files can contain 5 sets of data as in Setup20 or 4 sets as in Setup22. It can have any number of sets from 1 to  15. Space between sets can also vary.


2. Now, in Setup20, first set has two values (33F and I65) for name. So, I want the output file to have two seperate rows. All the remaning columns are not filled for second value (I65). I want it to be populated with same as for 33F as they are from the same set.


3. Also, in Setup20, if we look at the 4th set, value for name is present in a different column that other attribute values. I want to create only one row here with those atttributes and name as I655.


4. Also, in Setup20, if we look at 5th set, all values are in second column instead on first, I want to create a row in output file with those values.


5. Let's say next time 3 input files (5,4 and 1 sets in each respectively) are there, how to make it work.


Can we create a workflow in Alteryx using these conditions? I want the data in this format so I can use them for other purposes. Please help.


Hi @Pranee_007 


the attached should work for you!




Just save the workflow in the same directory where you have your input files (Setup20 and Setup22) and it should be able to read data from both of them.


Please, let me know if you have any questions on the logic.




7 - Meteor

Giuseppe - Thank you so much. You just killed it.