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Telematics data practice exercise question

Dear Alteryx Experts

 I downloaded a data related to telematics from kaggle:
The thing that I didn't understand about this data is the accData field decryption described on kaggle post, I know the hexadecimal numbers but completely I didn't understand how to decrypt the data on this field based on their written formula, I'll be appreciated if any volunteer can read and understands how the mechanism of decryption for this field could be achieved, in addition, I have 3 more questions :


1) How can we test the data after training if there is no test file?

2)Is the parsing tools in Alteryx able to decrypt (accData)?
3) Kaggle did a competition for telematics:
but they removed the data, Is there any other alternative data resources we can download from?


Hello @MAAbdullahAlMubarah,


Thanks for reaching out to the Community!  Unfortunately, the questions you have posted are likely going to require you to reach back out to Kaggle for further assistance regarding their data. 

I would recommend asking them about your 1 and 3 questions.

As for the parsing tools in Alteryx, you should be able to use them to decrypt the data, but if you can show your workflow that would help members of the community to better assist you.


Community Moderator

Thank you @TrevorS 


Sure you are correct but Unfortiently I sent many inquiries to Kaggle more than a month but no answer for that reason I asked for assistance from Alteryx experts.

Thank you