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Taking year over year differences from 2 different workbooks.

7 - Meteor

As the title suggests, I am needing to take the year over year differences from two different workbooks based off of the account number. Both workbooks are formatted exactly the same. Below is a screenshot of the 2018 Data, 2017 Data, and how I want the year-over-year difference to look like. I color coded each amount to show which ones are being compared. 


As you can see, not every account is in both 2018 and 2017. Any idea how to do this? Capture.PNG




Definitely possible - first, you have to join both tables, I joined on Account and Division to form the join, then to account for the occurrences where one year might have Amounts while the prior Year doesn't, you can use the Union tool to account for all possibilities in the join. Then the final table should present correctly as in the attached workflow. See if this helps.