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Take Field Types from another file

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I have 2 files with the same content, a QVX file from Qlick and a CSV file. They are named the same, and they have the same columns.

The difference is that the QVX file contains Metadata for each column while the CSV does not. But the data in the CSV is a little cleaner, as Qlik adds some "noise" in some cells.


So what I want to do is to read the data from the CSV file and apply the Field type and size based on the metadata from the QVX file.


I tried to use union and take the first row of data from QVX and the full sett of data from the CSV, then I removed the first row of data. But no, there were some type conflicts where the types from the CSV were chosen over the types from the QVX files.


Anyone have an idea on how this can be done?


Hi @jensroy 


Since not everyone has access to Qlick data, can you provide some samples in the form of a couple of .yxdb files to preserve the data types?  Just include the first row from the Qlick database in one yxdb and a few rows from the .csv from the the second.


Also: do the columns and/or field types change over time?  If not, you should be able to either 

a.   for the simple cases, use a select to convert the types,

b.   for the complex ones, use a series of multi-field formulas since these allow you to change the field types as part of the formula process.