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Tableau dashboard not refreshing every 5 mins using data source .tde saved on TableauServe


I have my DataSource published to Tableau server (using Alteryx - publish to tableau server tool) which refreshes every 5 mins but unfortunately my workbook published on tableau server through live connection using same data source is not refreshing automatically every 5 mins. I have unchecked Include external files check box & publish without extract while publishing the workbook to Tableau server.


Thank you



This seems like a question that might be better suited for the tableau forums. As long as your workflow is pushing the tde every 5 minutes, its all tableau from there on out.


However, since its here I might as well try to help :)


If your workbook with a live connection to the tde hosted on tableau server is not updating every 5 minutes, it is possible that

1) You have the workbook open online, where the info is cached and wont update by itself. This is solved by hitting the refresh button/refresh the page.

2) You are not connected to the data source you are pushing. This can be solved by looking at the datasource info on your workbook in the server. If you click on the used datasource, does it bring you to the datasource that you are pushing up from Alteryx?


Thanks Bowman for your prompt response.

I do not have workbook open and the data source that I am pushing through Alteryx is also correct. I have been trying this since 2-3 days but can't find any solution.

Datasource is refreshing perfectly fine every 5 mins  on Tableau server but not the dashboard.


Can I ask you another question - When does Alteryx workflow on server gives an error QUEUED when it is schedule to run.


I guess the things I would check (and you probably have) are:


1. On Tableau Desktop - in Data Source tab is connection Live

2. When uploaded wb to tableau server, are there any DB connections that are not on the server (put them on the server)

3. Are credentials embedded

4. If I close the workbook, open it back up, and hit refresh on the toolbar does the data fail to update

5. Has the data EVER updated or is it still the same as when I uploaded X days ago

6. If I open it in Tableau Desktop, does it update


If all of these check out, contact tableau support.



As for your other question, I am not sure. We use scheduler on a workstation where Queued just means that it is queued to run. I have never seen an error that says Queued.


Hi Bowman

Connection is live, 

Only one DB connection and that also on server

No Credentials embedded

If I refresh dashboard manually there is no issue data updates

And Data updates in Tableau Desktop when I close and open the workbook


Anyways thank you for your support, will check with Tableau support.





EDIT: Wait if you refresh manually it works? That is just how tableau is usually configured. Live just means it updates whenever you load instance NOT that it is always running queries. Data may be cached.


I suppose I should mention for the sake to the TS support team that you might want to check first with your TS admin as it sounds like there is a server issue where it is failing to serve updates.



So then is there no way to update dashboard automatically instead of hitting refresh button manually?  


There may be but that would be server side. I am not a TS admin so I'm not really sure.


When left open, my dashes will refresh automatically every 30 minutes or so which is why I assume its a mutable feature. But then again, I'm not really sure if it is chrome or the server...


We use geckoboard for live reporting on TVs around the office


Np, Thanks Bowman