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Tableau Publish Tool: Updates for Tableau 10.5 and new Hyper Data Engine (TDE)

I'm using the tools listed below and all is well.  I haven't installed the New version of the 'Publish to Tableau Server' tool that was released in August yet.



Alteryx Designer x64 Version

Tableau Publish Tool (6/15/17 installed with Alteryx 11.3.2)

Tableau Online 10.4


New Tool (August, 2017)!app/Publish-to-Tableau-Server-Tool/599c93c8f499c7141c13a619


"Get Ready" Announcement of Tableau Online was sent today:  Any update on when .hyper will be available Alteryx?  Is the plan to just make it available in the output tool to simultaneously also release a new version of the Publish to Tableau Server Tool.


Get Ready for the Tableau Online Upgrade to 10.5






Hello @AlexP  I'm a big fan of Alteryx and Tableau.


I just received the Tableau Online 10.5 update via and was curious if there was an official Alteryx update that is being queued up to potentially save files as .hyper with the data output tool? 









Yesterday around 12 noon ET, Tableau announced that Tableau Online will be upgraded to 10.5 on 1/7/18.  I have a meeting later today to ensure that the current Alteryx Tableau Publish Tool (version 1.08.1) has no issues pushing to Tableau Online 10.5 .TDEs.  I'm sure there will be no issue.  But, I'm a bit more concerned about the Tableau rules for automate .TDE update to the Hyper file format.  Anyone else using Tableau Online?     






Hello @MelissaDemcsak


We use Alteryx + Tableau Online and our upgrade happens on 1/9. Although I hear that the transition will be smooth, I'm a little worried since we have many processes that rely on the .tde file being updated through the tabcmd functionality. 


On our upgrade date, I will likely be investing a few days into making sure nothing is broken and/or how the new world with .hyper is going to play out. 



@eric_ramos  Nice to know there's someone out there worried too.  Perhaps we can post some of our findings on this thread to help others.

Alteryx Partner

Is there any update on this topic? We would love to test this functionality before GA, as many of our clients rely heavily on .TDEs that come from Alteryx.

@mkoenig  Alteryx will not be releasing an update to "Publish to Tableau Server" Tool to allow for the creation of Hyper extracts until their Q1 release.  Initially, I plan to avoid using Hyper extracts by retaining Tableau Desktop 10.4 and not upgrading to Tableau 10.5 Desktop (all our developers and desktop where Alteryx is installed).  This should allow the 100+ Alteryx to Tableau Online Data Flows to process seamlessly.  If I come across a use case to use Hyper prior to the Q1 release, I will need to use TABCMD/Refresh Extracts to do so on an isolated machine.


Tagging @AlexP in case there are opportunities to test prior to GA.


Hi All,


@MelissaDemcsak is correct- we will be adding Hyper integration in our Q1 release. This will come in the form of an update to the Publish to Tableau Server tool and a new .hyper option in the output tool. In the meantime, the current Publish to Tableau tool shouldn't break any existing workflows- they will still be publishing tdes, not hyper extracts. We have an FAQ coming out in the next few days with some more details.




@mkoenig @eric_ramos

Hey guys, after the Tableau Online 10.5 Upgrade today, I'm observing that the republished extracts via extract are converting to .hyper format.  Tableau workbooks with .hyper can only be modified with Tableau Desktop 10.5 (which isn't available yet). I have escalated this to Alteryx and Tableau.  Just wanted to give you a heads up.