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Tableau Hyper Extract Not Refreshing

The Hyper extracts in Tableau workbook don't refresh after re-running workflow. Live connections or extracts to Hyper extracts from Alteryx have the same issue. Any ideas? Thank you in advance.



The Tableau extract can be a bit annoying.  Here's what has worked for us:


  • In Alteryx, output the .hyper file with a placeholder name.  You'll change this later.
  • In Tableau, connect to the .hyper file then start a new sheet.
  • In the menu, go to Data --> the extract name --> Extract Data



  • Save the extract somewhere that Alteryx can write to.  Close Tableau.
  • Go back into Alteryx and change the filename and path to the extract file created by Tableau.
  • For Output Options, be sure to use Overwrite Existing Extract File(or Append, but I've never had to do that)

Voilà!  Hopefully that did the trick.  Reopen Tableau and make make sure Use Extract is checked.






Thank you!!

@lynnliu1026, if this worked for you please mark it as the solution, to make it easier for other people to find.