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Tableau Connector Not finding PRoject


We are running Alteryx 2018.4 using the Tableau Connector to Tableau Server version greater than 10.5...


The tableau connector is seeing the server. I select the Project, Data Source, Create and .tde...... I then get an error that it can not find the project.. The config just spins ad spins....


We just upgraded. Have been using Tableau Connector for years in older version with no problems. Also, tried multiple projects to see if that was a fix....


When I open the macro, there is 1 icon with an error.


Error: TableauServer.OutputDataConditionally (248): The Action "Tool #11" has an error: The file "C:\Users\mf431\AppData\Local\Alteryx\bin\HtmlPlugins\PublishToTableauServer_v2.0.0\Supporting_Macros\%User.tempOutputLocation%test." is not a known format. (2)

Error: TableauServer.OutputDataConditionally (248): The Action "Tool #50" has an error: The file "C:\Users\mf431\AppData\Local\Alteryx\bin\HtmlPlugins\PublishToTableauServer_v2.0.0\Supporting_Macros\%User.tempOutputLocation%test." is not a known format. (2)




Alteryx Partner

If I open the macro and run I get the same errors, but if you use it properly in a workflow it should be fine.


What version of Tableau Server are you using ?


Can you explain when you're saying that you select the TDE ? I think that version is Hyper file only

Alteryx Certified Partner
Alteryx Certified Partner

Whilst someone helps you come to a resolution with this; the older versions of the tool are compatible with the newer versions of Alteryx; so I would consider downgrading the tool (not Alteryx); back to the version you had working stably, just whilst you reach a resolution with this!




We found it does load with the error, but you can not modify the tool as it hangs up once connected. You have to delete and reconnect. And when reviewing the scheduler for the day you see all of these as errors. which is not good because you do not know what to review and what not to review.


As far as tde ot hyper. The connector has both.