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Table widths in Excel, multiple tabs using Reporting Tools


We are using the Reporting Table tool to output reports to Excel.  They can have multiple tabs, and the width of the data on each tab is different.  When Rendered to Excel, all the tabs have the same width -- so the narrow data stretches out and is not very readable.


We have tried adjusting the settings on the Table tool (Fixed width), on the Layout tool (fixed width), and the separate tables look good on their own.  But it seems like the Render is a Procrustean bed, and chops them or stretches them all to the same size.


Is there any way around this?  Our users really want the formatting of the Reporting tools, plus we need to add titles and such to each table.


I've attached a small sample workflow that illustrates this.




Hi Kay


Did you ever figure this out, I have run into the same problem as well. One of my tabs has 15 columns and the other only 2, both tab layouts have the same total width which does not look good.





Did you manage to find any solution . I am facing a similar issue and wondering if you managed to find any answer.