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Table tool: set vertical alignment to middle




See attached workflow. In the temp xlsx file generated by the render tool, everything has Top vertical alignment.


Is it possible to change something in Alteryx so it automatically displays in Excel with Middle vertical alignment?


Alteryx vertical align.jpg



as far as I know you cannot modify those properties with the table tool.

One solution is to create a standard output excel file with only your data and to inject those data in a template Excel using the python tool.

Using this method you can keep all the formating of your template.

If you want more help on how to do that with this way I can help.



I have never used python before and didn't know that was possible.


The list of Salespeople in my table changes every month as people come and go. Presumably that would cause problems with having an Excel template like you mention?


Can you give me 2 dataset of example and what you expect so that I try to see if this os possible?

But anyway you need at least Designer 2018.3.



Thanks very much for the offer, I am running version 2019.2


FYI, I am trying to produce a Salesperson performance report showing key metrics for 2019 YTD vs 2018 YTD. I need to do the report monthly and for circa 20 Branch (aka Entity) and Department combinations. Each Salesperson is unique to one Branch/Department combo


I have attached a workflow with 2 'Text Input' tools. One is for May and one for June.


I have set it up so there were 2 SP in May (John Smith & Mary Lee). Mary Lee then left at the end of May & Sally Shore joined at the start of June.


I have also attached an excel workbook with 2 tabs, one for May & one for June. I have set out the full report as I want it so you know what my end-goal is, but it includes GP per unit, which I haven't included data for it in the Alteryx workflow.


Please let me know if you need anything else