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Table tool conditional formatting

7 - Meteor

Hi all,


I have been getting this wierd formatting error and was wondering if anyone else has come across this error and overcome it. I am building a report which has a table in it which is later rendered into pdf. Based on a condition i format the color and font of the row using either pcxml or the inbuilt background option in row rules. But when i render it as a pdf, i notice some border lines are thicker while the others are thinner. On investigating further i figured that the row color conditional formatting is causing it. You can see it more clearly when u reduce the size to 75% of the pdf or so.


I have attached a sample here, where i have changed the color if Field1>1 and then rendering to pdf. As soon as i reduce the size to either one page or 75%, i get the following


formatting error.JPG


Do let me know if anyone else has faced this issue and if any solutions.



Hi @santosh_garimella,

Formatting tables in Alteryx can be difficult, especially if your requirements include the type of precision you get in Excel.  A similar community posting (, while somewhat blunt, describes a similar situation. 


I attempted a potential solution that would launch Excel from a Command Line.  Using an Excel macro to perform the formatting and setting it up to run upon Excel open, my hope was you would be able to automate the process.  The trouble is, the formatted Excel data is difficult to get back into Alteryx.  You probably selected Alteryx to do the formatting because you want to be able to have users run the workflow from a gallery.  But as you can see from the article I refered to above, that can very difficult.